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WeCoMed Essential Set

【Wecomed Essential Set】
-DS.17 Magic Water 210ml
-DS.18S Magic Make Up Remover 60ml
-IP01 Ido's Sunblock 50ml
-DS.31 Wecomed Anti-aging Mask (1PCS)
-DS.30 Wecomed Pigmentation Mask(1PCS)
RM199.00 RM330.40

Magic Water + Makeup Remover

Magic Water

-Contains an array of skin-loving ingredients to boost and soothe the skin. It promotes skin translucency and creates smoother skin texture with brightened skin tone.

Magic Makeup Remover

-A gentle yet effective mist makeup remover that removes all traces of makeup on the face, neck and lips without leaving any oily residues.
RM188.00 RM276.00

Makeup set

Makeup Set include:
-Magic Make up remover 60ml
-13NK Sunblock 5 in 1 (tinted) 50ml
RM119.00 RM146.00

Magic Cleansing Set

【Magic Cleansing Set】
-Magic Make Up Remover 60ml
-Magic Charcoal Wash 60ml
RM98.00 RM120.00

Ido’s SunBlock

Protects skin from the damaging effects of sun, it also contains anti-oxidant, vitamins and firming actives, which nourish skin cells and promote healthy cell growth

13NK Sunblock 5 in 1

Comprehensive UV Protection & Concealer Cream SPF25/PA++, resistance against UVA and UVB and new formula which unclog the pores
RM89.00 RM94.50

Acne and Blemish Control Set

Acne and Blemish Control Set include:
-Magic Charcoal Wash 60ml
-DS09 Purifying Comedo Essence 15ml
RM119.00 RM168.00