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Magic Travel Set

1)Magic Charcoal Wash 60ml
包含天然活性炭成分可深沉洁净毛孔, 舒缓肌肤,以解决脸上尘埃和污垢!
2)Magic Water 60ml
3)Wecomed Mask 2片
不含化学防腐剂, 多种天然抗敏植物萃取可助于修复肌肤!
Magic Travel 必备套装无论何时何地都可让你保护肌肤,旅游拍照或皮肤干燥也不用感到担心了!
RM99.00 RM155.60

WeCoMed Essential Set

最新推出【Wecomed Essential Set】
1. Magic water魔力水 210ml(原价RM128)
2. Magic make up remover 60ml (原价 RM60)
3. IP01防晒粉底霜 50ml (原价RM104)
4. Wecomed anti-aging mask (原价RM20)
5. Wecomed pigmentation mask (原价RM20)
RM199.00 RM331.60

13NK Sunblock 5 in 1

Comprehensive UV Protection & Concealer Cream SPF25/PA++, resistance against UVA and UVB and new formula which unclog the pores
RM59.00 RM94.50

DS09 Purifying Comedo Essence

Uniquely designed to prevent excessive sebum production, reduce poreblockages and restore skin vitality.
RM59.00 RM108.00

DS10 Unique Coversion Mask

Anti-oxidizing elements and effective active ingredients, soaked in generous amounts of essence, which is rapidly absorbed by the skin on application.
RM59.00 RM83.70

DS13 Day Signature

Formulated through our unique Nanotechnology. It works wonderfully as a sunscreen, moisturizer, anti-acne, whitening and make-up foundation base. It also provides intense UVA and UVB protection
RM59.00 RM94.50

Ido’s SunBlock

Protects skin from the damaging effects of sun, it also contains anti-oxidant, vitamins and firming actives, which nourish skin cells and promote healthy cell growth
RM59.00 RM104.00

Magic Charcoal Wash S 60ml

Mousse cleanser is formulated with activated charcoals that clean the pores thoroughly to remove bacteria, toxins, dirt and other micro-particles.
RM49.00 RM60.00