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DS03 Recuperative Toner

Specially tailored for acne-prone, oily and combination skin types. Enjoy longer lasting matte look and oil-free sensation with regular usage.
RM68.00 RM90.00

DS04 Privilege Balancing Toner

Combination of natural plant extracts to balance skin’s pH after cleansing.
RM68.00 RM90.00

DS05 Bio­ Active Relaxing Moisturizer Gel

Moisturizing agents to rehydrate the skin and soothes irritated/inflamed skin conditions.
RM88.00 RM115.00

DS06 Intensive Care Essence

Moisturizes and repairs damaged skin due to environmental oxidative stress. It also contains Microcitrus Australasica Fruit Extract that mildly exfoliates dead skin cells.
RM88.00 RM115.00

DS07 Skin Booster

Environmental factors, relief irritations, calm and moisturize dry/sensitive skin conditions. Suitable for sensitive and all skin types.
RM73.00 RM97.50

DS08 Regenerating Cream

Unique formula that helps promote healthy skin conditions, restore suppleness, soothes and clams problematic skin.
RM68.00 RM90.00

DS11 Refining Cream

Natural plant extracts to create a multi-function cream that nourishes, softens and refines the skin texture. Use regularly to exfoliate accumulated dead skin cells for a luminous and youthful looking complexion.
RM88.00 RM115.00

DS12 Z Clarifying Cream

Tea tree oil and other natural plant extracts that clears away acne lesions and yet it is gentle on your skin. Use it as a moisturizer and also to lighten hyper pigmentation from acne scars.
RM68.00 RM90.00