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水光针-2支装 Aqua Booster

IDOS 【Aqua Skin Booster】涂抹式水光针-2支装�� 保湿补水工作做得好,皮肤问题不见liao! ❌粉刺痘痘 ❌皮肤干燥,起皮 ❌皮肤暗黄 ❌底妆永远卡粉 功效: ⭕小分子玻尿酸超强锁水,保湿 ⭕稻米提取物抗氧,美白 ⭕胶原肽成分,抗老除皱
RM148.00 RM276.00

水光针-3支装 Aqua Booster-3pcs

IDOS 【Aqua Skin Booster】涂抹式水光针-3支装�� 保湿补水工作做得好,皮肤问题不见liao! ❌粉刺痘痘 ❌皮肤干燥,起皮 ❌皮肤暗黄 ❌底妆永远卡粉 功效: ⭕小分子玻尿酸超强锁水,保湿 ⭕稻米提取物抗氧,美白 ⭕胶原肽成分,抗老除皱
RM208.00 RM414.00

DS17 Promotion-Magic Water 210ml Buy 3 FREE 1

Contains an array of skin-loving ingredients to boost and soothe the skin. It promotes skin translucency and creates smoother skin texture with brightened skin tone.
RM435.00 RM580.00

Ido’s SunBlock

Protects skin from the damaging effects of sun, it also contains anti-oxidant, vitamins and firming actives, which nourish skin cells and promote healthy cell growth