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DS03 Recuperative Toner

Specially tailored for acne-prone, oily and combination skin types. Enjoy longer lasting matte look and oil-free sensation with regular usage.
RM68.00 RM90.00

DS07 Skin Booster

Environmental factors, relief irritations, calm and moisturize dry/sensitive skin conditions. Suitable for sensitive and all skin types.
RM73.00 RM97.50

DS11 Refining Cream

Natural plant extracts to create a multi-function cream that nourishes, softens and refines the skin texture. Use regularly to exfoliate accumulated dead skin cells for a luminous and youthful looking complexion.
RM88.00 RM115.00

DS15 Invisi Moisture

A water-based face & body lotion, enriched with humectants, skin lightening agents and vitamins. It rebalances dry skin conditions, replenishesmoisture loss and restores fairness to your skin.
RM62.00 RM72.50