Ido’s SunBlock

Protects skin from the damaging effects of sun, it also contains anti-oxidant, vitamins and firming actives, which nourish skin cells and promote healthy cell growth
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Acne Solution 祛痘霜 2pcs+Aqua Booster 无痛水光针 1pcs

Acne Solution 祛痘霜 2pcs+Aqua Booster 无痛水光针 1pcs 再送价值RM199的【光子痘痘棒】 ✅ 1天内减少出油, ✅ 3天内改善发炎的痘痘, ✅ 7天内痘痘消掉了! ✅ 14天改善疤印! 成份: 🌳 医疗等级天然 #茶树精华 :杀菌消炎,消灭痘痘,收敛毛孔 🍅 天然成分- #番茄红素:vitamin E的100倍,高抗氧,修复皮肤 🌟 明星级保湿成分- #甘油:锁住肌肤水份,让肌肤保持水润状态 ================ 【Aqua Booster 无痛水光针】 功效: ⭕小分子玻尿酸超强锁水,保湿 ⭕稻米提取物抗氧,美白 ⭕胶原肽成分,抗老除皱 ⭕全新成分-蚕丝胶蛋白,保湿效果大大提升150%
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WeCoMed Sensitivity Mask

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