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Special Promotion - DS1 Aging Set

>>DS.11 Refining Cream 15ml<<
Refining Cream uses natural plant extracts to create a multi-function cream that nourishes, softens and refines the skin texture. Use regularly to exfoliate accumulated dead skin cells for a luminous and youthful looking complexion. Suitable for aging, acne-prone and normal skin types only.

>>DS.16 Bright & Fair 11g Bright & Fair<<
helps to reduce appearance of pigmentations, provide your skin with nutrients and brighten your dull, uneven skin tone. Use regularly for fairer skin complexion and enhancement of skin’s translucency.

>>Magic Makeup Remover 60ml<<
A gentle yet effective mist makeup remover that removes all traces of makeup on the face, neck and lips without leaving any oily residues. Suitable for all skin types.
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